About Lupus

Life Without Lupus® Recipe Collection

You are what you eat, so eat right!

You are what you eat — and if you want to have energy, you need to eat energy-rich foods. A good idea for anyone, but especially true for lupus patients whose energy levels are not always in ample supply. To help people with lupus be the most from what they eat, Cornell University Cooperative Extension Community Educator Sophia Baker shared recipes for lupus-friendly foods.

Recipes in the Life Without Lupus® collection are high on energy and low on sugar, salt and fat. 

Try out a few of the recipes posted here. And for a collection of delicious recipes on the lighter side, check out our Pinterest page. Main dishes, appetizers, soups and desserts — each designed to be a healthier alternative to other options, appeal to the entire family and use readily available, generally nutritious ingredients.