May 2010

Coming to a close…LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH 2010

But the fight for a life without lupus goes on!


“I am fighting for all to have a chance at early diagnosis... I didn’t have that chance.” –Terry on our Facebook page

”I am fighting for my Aunt Darlene who lost her battle with lupus, I am fighting for my children and my family who make every day easier for me, I am fighting for me because this disease is not going to get me without one heck of a fight.” – Tonya on our Facebook page

“[Fighting] for my daughter, Kari, who lost her battle 7 years ago. Miss you, Kari! We'll continue your fight.” – Donna on our Facebook page

“As a nurse, I have fought for many of my patients, but now have to fight for myself, too. I have SLE and discoid lupus.” – Norma on our Facebook page


It’s time for better treatments.

It’s time for a cure.


It's time for


 Help us all win the fight.

  • Spread awarenessgive out 40 lupus awareness bracelets. Order online at

  • Join a clinical trial. Learn more at

  • Create your own public service announcement. Upload it to YouTube and post it to

  • Invite 40 friends to spread awareness of lupus. Tell them to visit

  • Forward our “new” website to 40 of your friends! This morning we re-launched to bring you the latest lupus news, New York City program and fundraising activities, lifestyle tips and strategies, and more.

    Take a look and take advantage of new features such as the offer to “post comments” and easily share your feedback!