More Research On Lupus and Pregnancy

Science Daily reports that the first clinical research publication of the PROMISSE study led by a past LRI grant recipient Dr. Jane Salmon, Hospital for Special Surgery, found that women who have a specific type of antibody that interferes with blood vessel function are at risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes and that other antibodies in the same family thought to cause pregnancy complications do not put women at risk. 

"The identification of biomarkers that identify patients at high risk will allow us to select a subset of patients who we can consider in an interventional trial," said Dr. Salmon.

Further studies on samples from PROMISSE patients, followed by interventional trials will hopefully shed light on whether this therapeutic approach will be effective in pregnant women with aPLs and/or lupus. Abstract

Another LRI-grantee, Dr. Betty Diamond, at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, also just published results on why pregnancy loss is more common for women with lupus.. Dr. Diamond is applying her initial LRI-funded discovery of an autoantibody that attacks the brain to provide a new biological explanation of pregnancy loss in lupus.