LRI-funded Scientist Gives Talk About Future of Lupus Treatment

Source: Healio Rheumatology

As reported by Healio Rheumatology, LRI-funded researcher Gregg J. Silverman, MD discussed at the Interdisciplinary Autoimmune Summit new treatment opportunities and how systemic lupus erythematosus may originate and progress. The elimination of B cells may be the key to controlling disease activity for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, although the disease is heterogeneous, according to Dr. Silverman.


Talking about potential future therapies, Silverman said new treatment pathways are currently being explored and have demonstrated efficacy in an open-label extension study. A Fc-gamma receptor, SM101 (SuppreMol, GmbH), part of the immunoglobulin G expression pathway, is being explored for lupus nephritis in a Phase 2 clinical trial. Silverman also said PF-04236921 (Pfizer), an interleukin-6 inhibitor, is in a phase 2b randomized clinical trial for patients with SLE. He said a study of eight patients with lupus that has resisted treatment demonstrated promising results from off-label treatment with bortezomib (Velcade, Millennium Pharmaceuticals), a proteasome inhibitor approved for multiple myeloma. Other drugs, including sifalimumab andanifrolumab (AstraZeneca and MedImmune), are also in Phase 2 trials and target interferon.