LRI Board Member Making a Difference in Connecticut

Hope Hetherington, Board member of the Lupus Research Institute, has been appointed Chair of Connecticut’s Interagency and Partnership Advisory Panel on Lupus.

“I believe my appointment was at least partly due to my involvement in the Eliminating Disparities in Lupus Initiative, an Advocacy Program of the Lupus Research Institution Coalition,” said Hope. “As Chair of the CT Lupus Advisory Panel, I hope to incorporate the new patient and professional resources of the Lupus Initiative to help fulfill our mission of improving education and awareness in Connecticut.”

Through years of advocacy at the federal level, the LRI’s Coalition of state and local lupus groups nationwide has worked successfully to secure the funding needed to develop the Initiative, a collaboration among the federal offices of Minority Health, Women’s Health, and the Surgeon General. The Initiative aims to reduce barriers to care through programs educating physicians and other healthcare professionals about lupus, its diagnosis and its treatment. Because of this educational program, general practitioners will now have lupus on their list of possible diagnoses to consider when faced with vague symptoms that could indicate a number of different diseases.

“Hope Hetherington has been a strong supporter for lupus advocacy on both the national and state levels for many years, and we congratulate her on this recognition of the work she has done for Connecticut,” said Margaret Dowd, LRI President and CEO. “We know Hope will bring outstanding leadership to this important position.”