Introducing Patti Allen, Founder and Director of the PA Fund

“Because I survived…..”

These words are from Patti Allen who created the PA Fund for Patient Advocacy and Care at the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation because she did survive.

After being diagnosed with lupus over 40 years ago, Patti has faced numerous challenges with this very complex and incurable disease. In spring of 2013, she suffered a horrifying set back when diagnosed with vasculitis of the brain due to lupus, and almost lost her life. Surviving this ordeal with the support of top medical professionals plus personal care from family, friends and the community led her to the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation.

Sitting in on several support groups, Patti realized that “many lupus patients fight this disease with few resources.” After hearing the enormous challenges patients face when wrestling with this life-threatening illness, she saw a tremendous need to help those who suffer day to day with lupus. Patti witnessed patients grappling not only with getting a proper diagnosis, but also dealing with the effects lupus has on their jobs, families and relationships. Many lupus patients even have a difficult time finding the help they need to understand this complicated illness.

Witnessing these challenges first-hand led Patti to create the PA Fund for Patient Advocacy and Care.

The PA Fund was founded as a separate restricted fund within the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation to help educate and support patients along with their families by increasing awareness of the disease and improving communication among healthcare providers and the general public.

Through Patti’s focus and commitment, the PA Fund has helped make several programs possible, ensuring the patient’s voice is heard by physicians, families and researchers. The PA Fund allows support groups to continue to provide a platform for patients to learn from one another’s struggles and triumphs as well as to explore available resources. Additionally, the PA Fund will help heighten awareness of lupus among legislators nationwide by allowing more patients to participate in our annual Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill.

Patti’s passion has led her to this important mission. To date, she has raised $250,000 for the Fund through individual and corporate donations in six months! The response and generosity to help those battling lupus has been enormous. Patti’s dedication to the PA Fund stems from her personal experience, and there is no stopping the hard work necessary to reach her goals and beyond.

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