Emergency Grants

The S.L.E. Lupus Foundation offers financial help to people with lupus in the greater New York City area undergoing particularly trying times.

Grant Guidelines

  • Grant requests are accepted from, or on behalf of, individuals diagnosed with lupus who live within the greater New York City area.
  • Applicants must offer satisfactory evidence that lupus has been medically diagnosed. Evidence provided must include a doctor’s verification (a medical release form).
  • Applicants must demonstrate a significant financial need and show how the grant will either meet the need in full or supplement other resources.
  • Emergency Grants are paid by check directly to the agency or provider.
  • Grants are limited to 2 per person in any 12-month period, with an annual total of no more than $400.
  • Grants are not considered for funding when assistance from other sources (family, government, social agency, etc.) is deemed available.